ENT Multi-dose Sprayer

BONA pharmaceutical metered dose spray pump, guard worldwide people’s health.

BONA engages in inventive and innovative drug delivery systems since 1995. We have a deep understanding and rich experiences on raw materials and ENT dosing expectations. BONA merges child-resistant, tamper-evident closure, 0.22micron filter membrane technique into product design, development, and manufacturing process.


Products Features

Our modular and ergonomic design is popular among worldwide consumers.

  • Optimized spray atomization systems enhance pharmaceutical solution absorbing.
  • Nasal spray pump US DMF#031363.
  • Oral spray pump US DMF#031364.
  • Diverse dosage forms range from 45mcl to 220mcl.
  • 18/410, 18/415, 18DIN, 18TE, 20/410, 24/410 screw-on, 20mm snap on and 20mm crimp-on neck are available.
  • Tamper evident and Child-resistant type for choices.
  • Compatible with diverse formulations and viscosities.
  • Injection and assembly manufacture proceeded in class C and class D cleanroom.
  • Materials comply with CP, EP, USP food & drug direct contact regulations.
  • High-level microbiological safety and strict quality control procedure ensure safe and reliable ENT metered-dosing systems.

Applicable Symptoms

Wildly used for treatments of a stuffy nose, congestion, flu, rhinitis, mouth ulcer, throat redness, mouth freshening, earwax cleaning, ear care, topical dosing and viscous drug delivery, etc.

Quality Tests

Microbial limitation test passing rate 100%. Dose uniformity tests are regularly taken. Spray pattern and droplet size distribution performance can be adjusted according to different customers’ requirements.

Customization Service, Technical & Regulatory Support

With more than 25 years experience in serving customers over 73 countries, BONA team is capable of realizing the design from clients’ wanted concept and making challenge & reliability tests in R&D phase. Provide regulation, documentation and registration approval support in different countries. Sustainable technique upgrading and meticulous after-sales services guarantee your smooth and successful cooperation with us.


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